PressGang CCMS

An Open Source, API-Driven Documentation Design, Writing, and Illustration Platform

PressGang CCMS is an open source Component Content Management System (CCMS) for documentation or other content produced using Docbook XML. It is driven by a RESTful API and is being developed using open source components and utilities. PressGang CCMS is a series of Java applications deployed within JBoss Application Server.

Who needs PressGang CCMS?

Following are a few of the scenarios where PressGang CCMS may be the right solution.

  • Your documentation project currently uses Docbook XML in conjunction with command-line utilities, scripts, and revision control systems such as Subversion or Git
  • You are currently managing your documentation using a word processor or expensive page-layout software, and want more control over the structure of your content without becoming an expert in XSLT, TeX, or other complicated technologies
  • Your team is outgrowing its current Wiki, Markdown, or static HTML documentation solution
  • You need better workflows for image and illustration management or localization

Who developed PressGang?

PressGang CCMS was founded as an internal startup project during the development of JBoss EAP 6. Faced with creating an entirely new documentation suite, the team took the opportunity to create an entirely new way of authoring documentation. Built by technical writers, by technical writers.

The original team consisted of Matthew Casperson, Misty Stanley-Jones, David Ryan, Tom Wells, and Darrin Mison. Additional developers Lee Newson and Katie Miller were added as the project scaled rapidly across the organisation.

How do I build and deploy PressGang CCMS?

Due to internal challenges, a public build for PressGang CCMS was never officially made available or possible. Participating in a Startup Weekend, David Ryan built a public Amazon machine image based on a virtual machine image created in collaboration with Lee Newson. This experience encouraged further focus on solving technical writing problems, and David left Red Hat to cofound the Corilla project. Legacy PressGang CCMS images can be supplied upon request.

How do I contribute?

The PressGang project is no longer being developed. If you want to join the mission to make technical writing awesome, please refer to the Corilla project.


How many technical writers does it take to technical write a user guide for their technical writing software?

Where can I find out more?

Road Map Bugs and RFEs were tracked in Red Hat Bugzilla.

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